The Henn family has built a highly respected international reputation for rare coloured gemstones and these are at the very heart of all our activities. Alongside dealing with superlative and museum-quality gemstones and minerals, we have also gained recognition for our exceptional one of a kind objets d’art. The third strand of our business is Henn of London, creators of bespoke fine jewellery. Collectively we are renowned for our passionate dedication to discerning clients and collectors around the world, be they private individuals or revered institutions.

The Henn collections, which originate from our studios and workshops in Germany and the UK, appeal to clients with exquisite taste who appreciate rarity, the preciousness and aesthetic value of exceptional gems and the highest standards of craftsmanship. Innovation, artistic inspiration and expertise are equally prized and are reflected in every piece which emanates from our hands. We operate at the top end of the market, across all continents, whilst retaining the singular dynamic and strong values of a cultured and sensitive family brand.

Our philosophy, which encompasses a deep respect for the natural world and the unique refinements afforded by coloured gemstones and precious minerals, together with the poetic yet exacting nature of our work, is a calling which has remained true to its roots through four generations. Today this passion unites two generations of the Henn family across Europe, with Henn of London in the UK and Henn in Idar-Oberstein, Germany.