Objets d'art

Nature’s rarest, most precious and exquisitely coloured materials are the inspiration behind every objet d’art that Henn creates. We never work to commission, preferring to follow the mineral muse – abstract or figurative, new pieces are suggested by the shape, translucence, colours and qualities inherent in each natural gemstone.  

The narrative from rough material to finished artwork might result in a deceptively simple yet beautifully evocative sculptural form: a skilfully hand carved animal imbued with an engaging personality, often featured in its natural habitat; a striking flower, accurately rendered in all its delicate and ephemeral detail; an undulating bowl designed to showcase an original form and colour; or a harmoniously shaped vase which might blend elegant classical references with a pure contemporary dynamic.

Every piece is unique, an inspired aesthetic interpretation drawn from the gemstone itself, often expertly blended with other luxurious materials including precious metals and fine enamelling in an always exquisite palette.

Superlative craftsmanship is key, as is a shared ethos to highlight and enhance, inspired by the sheer wonder and magnificence of nature’s extraordinary precious minerals. The Henn team consists of highly experienced and accomplished designers, master carvers, cutters, stone setters, enamellers, engravers and goldsmiths.

Henn’s distinctive, distinguished and highly desired one-of-a-kind masterpieces are collected and treasured by public institutions and private clients across the globe.